DTM Rule Approved, but does not show up on the site included.



Hi All,

I have few set of rules that we configured to the web property. this web property has 2 report suites configured.

For the one corresponding to Staging, the rules fire correctly, however, when i "Approved" and "Published" the rules to use them on the production, none of the rules trigger.

The website includes both the header and footer code for DTM property.

When i look at the satellite js included on the page it does Not contain the rules i created neither for -staging JS not the productions JS.

Can someone please tell me, after I "Publish" the rule is there a delay in the rule to make it 'live' from the DTM end?

It has already has been over 5 hours since i published them.

To rule out the code logic issue, i created a simple page load rule, that too did not fire with the same web property.

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Check if you are getting the latest DTM library version when testing the prod env. Type in the following code in the console to check the version:



I tried it, it shows the latest, June 1st, when i did publish my code, and this is correct. However, I still do not see my rules firing when i set

_satellite.setDebug(true); in the browser console.

The same DTM web property has staging (pre-production environment) report suite configured. When i run the same rules on "staging"  mode environment, i see my rule getting triggered in the browser console and the data gets tracked in the eVar reports.

However, when in "production" mode, I do not see the rules triggering in the console.

Strange thing is that I do not see the rule firing on the page, though i see data getting tracked in the production report suite (less likely from a wrong site or environment).

and another strange thing is that the data getting tracked is not the entire data I am generating. Meaning, it has some data in few reports and other reports do not have the generated data at all, which should have been tracked in them.