DTM is ok, but no data on the analytics site



We have a site http://www.statistiques.public.lu/en where all the analytics is ok and a mobile site http://m.statistiques.public.lu/en or where we do not get data.

DTM (Dynamic Tag Manager)

A new WEB Properties, on the same basis as the existing ones on wwww, has been created.Rules, trigger on default events were used, as for other sites.

The management of the DTM script is done via the Akamai servers, and the production code has been used on the published site m.statistiques.public.lu

Once on the site we can see that the DTM script of PROD is used, moreover the DTM traces are present in console mode

In Analytics, via the Admin -> Report suite menu, just like the other report suites, a report suite dedicated to the mobile site was specifically created and populated like the others.


Traffic management does not show any page views. On the Analytics side, whether it's the reports with the recommended metrics, or the workbench, no data is visible.

On the Adobe server side, do you receive information from the mobile site in the technical logs ?

If the Adobe servers receive information then the problem may be related to a misconfiguration. Do they have a procedure to follow in this case to check the key points?

If the Adobe servers do not receive information from the site, the question remains: the production DTM script is present and active on the page

Can you help us ?

Thanks in advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Looks like you have timestamp configuration set to required on your mobile site. Since your hits are not having the ts variable, they are getting excluded from reporting.

Generally timestamp would be required for mobile apps (not mobile-friendly website).

Ask your admin to change the setting to optional through the admin settings. Alternatively, a supported user can reach out to Customer care, to have this changed to "not allowed".

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