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I have created a property that includes multiple domains, because I need a single set-up for Adobe Analytics.  My question is, can I use the Google Analytics "tool" if I need the different domains to go into different GA accounts? It seems that you can't tell the tool exactly which domain to fire on, and it will only use one account.

Am I not seeing something, or is the best workaround for this shortcoming to create domain-driven page load rules and just loading the code provided by Google?

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I have tried setting this up myself last year when Adobe acquired Satellite, now DTM.  There is no way to use the GA Tool on multiple domains.  The work around that I did was create page load rules and dynamically set GA Account ID based on domain.  This requires knowledge of javascript. 

Another work around is to create a DTM account for each domain, if you do that you will be able to use the tool, this solution requires you to have multiple DTM accounts though which is sounds like your trying to avoid.  The first solution requires a developer, the second does not.