DoubleClick Intergration - Combining View and Click through data

tobyc49922805 11-10-2017


I am currently in the process of connecting up DoubleClick with Analytics. In doing this, I have noticed that Click through and View through data appear to be collected in separate variables and then classified separately, which is useful in some cases, but less useful if we want to view a campaign as a whole.

Is there a simple way of merging the click through and view through data together? The ideal would be to look at the campaign as a whole then breakdown by click through and view through information.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Roman_Gazarek 29-12-2017

Hi Toby,

This is not possible because view-through and click-through variables store different kind of data and storing it into same eVar would break the attribution model. Anyway, merging values of 2 eVars into one report would be cool feature of Analysis Workspace, you can submit a new idea


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

tobyc49922805 29-12-2017

Hi Arun,

Thanks for this. We have used a view-through Variable and a Click-through variable as per the Adobe Implementation notes, these are what are classified into Campaign, Placement, etc. We also have events for clicks, impressions, etc.

Hope this makes sense




Dear Toby,

Did you collect Click through and View in variables? It should be events right? Please explain a bit to help.

Thank You!