Double Custom Trafic Variable (prop) based Segments effect on Visits

marion33678522 31-05-2017

Hello Adobe Community !

I'm trying hard to figure out an odd behaviour but I cannot yet grasp the explanation.

I'm currently testing 2 segments ( that are almost exactly the same ) , one has a "Hit" container (let's call it segment "A"), the other one has a "Visit" container (let's call it segment "B") on the same custom traffic variable ( lets call it propX).

I was predicting that I would have the same number of visits if i segmented the visits metric with segment A or B.
This showed already alright on both of the segments previews.
But on the workspace, I found out that there were more visits using the B segment.

I found out what was causing this - I remembered that I had already another segment (let's call it "C", also on a custom trafic variable)with a Hit container on the panel header, based on another prop ( let's call it prop Y).

If I take out this segment the number of visits is the same regardless of the segment (A or B).

So, how is it possible, that 

(C+B)visits > (C+A)visits


(B)visits = (A)visits ?

This almost looks like a math topology problem ! Sorry for the odd formalism on the 2 previous wannabe equations...

Cheers !


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


hi mario

yes, this is possible. i try to explain.

segment A only contains hits where propX is set, no other hits. in segment B there are all hits where at least one hit has propX. you should see a difference in occurances or page views if you only look at those two segments.

now adding sehment C:

A+C: only Hits (and corresponding Visits) where both PropX ANd propY are set on the same Hit

B+C: shows Hits (and corresponding Visits) where propY is set on every hit BUT only needs one hit of the Visit to have propX. Because B is a visit segment, the propX must not be on the same hit ad the hit with propY. this means, that the number of visits with B+C should be higher than A+B.

does this makes sense? is it possible that a visit can have propY but never propX on the same hit (but elsewhere in the visit)?

maybe this is easier to explain with pictures ...



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

marion33678522 01-06-2017


thanks a lot urs.boller​ !

Yes i see a little bit better, I made a drawing with your explanation !

And also, when I remembered that propY had more hits than prop X, It became clearer to me.