does it require a media optimizer account to create an 'advertising account' under 'advertising analytics'?



Hi, we hold an Adobe Analytics Prime account? However, when trying to create an 'advertising account' under 'advertising analytics' to integrate data from our Google Adwords account, it gave an error -

EXTERNAL_API_ERROR: Unable to create/update AMO search account for imsOrgId = {imsOrgId}@AdobeOrg globalCompanyKey : {companyKey} due to external api error.

Error message returned by AMO search account api = 'MCC account is not supported.'

How to resolve this error?

And there is a reminder saying : REMINDER: The search data you are implementing is summary-level data and the metrics that will be passed in (AMO Impression, Clicks, Cost, Average Position, and Quality Score) cannot be broken down by additional Analytics data.

If so what will be the benefits to integrate search data into AA reporting and analytics?


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Hi there,

Try following these steps: Experience Cloud Help

And also, the benefits are that you will have your external data sources gathered in analytics. which will make it easier to display impressions etc. in adobe workspace, so your dashboard options will be more complete for the end user (think of being able to display impressions for google adwords and next to it your campaign data etc etc etc. ) Since there is no "stitching" of the data you are uploading from Google Adwords to Adobe Analytics, you will never have the ability to use Adobe Analytics data on top of it. Hope it makes sense.