Does Conditional Formatting Work on All Columns When Setting Custom Limits ?



I have selected multiple columns in a Workspace freeform table and applied Conditional Formatting

By default all rows in all columns receive formatting when the Conditional Formatting is set to Auto-generated

When switching the limits to Custom, only the header rows receive Conditional Formatting

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Accepted Solutions (1)




This "works as designed", means if you select "auto-generate" it will look at each column seperately, detect high/low and add color. same happens to breakdowns where it calculates the new high/low (high/low based of the breakdown of a single column!)

but when you change formatting to "custom", it will take the high/low only for the first level, not for any breakdowns you have. I guess the reason is that it there are a lot of cases where the custom high/low doen't make sense and would mess up the picture ...

jen.lasser​ are there any ideas/plans to change this?

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Urs is correct. Conditional formatting only applies to breakdown rows when "auto" is selected. We disable conditional formatting for "manual". We have a backlog item to address this, no release date yet though.