Does changing the date range affect first-touch channel?




Suppose I visited the site via search engine in April and then came back in May via Banner

If I set the date range from Apr to May, my first touch channel will be search engine and my last touch channel will be banner

But, will my first touch channel change to "Banner" if I change the date range only to "May"?

Or, is the first touch channel dependent on the cookie info so it won't change even if I change the date range?

Thank you so much for the help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




First Touch Channel may change if the default cookies period set as 30 days. Then as per above scenario for May the First Touch Channel will be Banner and Last Touch Channel also will be Banner.

If the Default cookies period set for a year untill a year complete the First Touch Channel will be Search engine.


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Answers (2)




Also keep in mind that there is a "First Touch" attribution model as part of Attribution IQ (Report time attribution).  This works a bit differently from the evar concepts so far discussed.

From this lens, the date range of the report can come into play, depending on your lookback window (visit/visitor).  There is a good example of first touch attribution for attribution IQ here: Attribution IQ



First-touch:- The first marketing channel to engage a visitor.Technically, the first-touch channel is an eVar with original expiration.

This will not change the source in first-touch until this will not expire the Adobe Analytics cookie or time range of first-touch is exist in the cookie. So first-touch will remain Search engine it doesn't matter after that you came through banner or etc..

Hope this helps!