Does Adobe Analytics have integration with Oracle Bronto email platform ?




I have search dozens of information online and even checked with bronto support themselves but no one have an answer as to whether AA provides an integration with bronto by using a data connector ?

There is a page that talks about it but is not concrete enough (like the steps to do the configuration) . The objective of the integration is for Bronto side ablility to store adobe analytics data and carry out personalized segmentation (e.g. such as browsing on specific product page)

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi limy,

You can go into Admin-> Data connector to check if Adobe has a tie up with particular partner or not. For searching the partner name, please sort it first in Alphabetic order.

Regarding Bronto, I can see there is data connector integration available. Below is the documentation.

Bronto Marketing Platform

Attached is snapshot for data connector window.

Data connector.png

For seamless integration, it is always recommended by Adobe to have the integration through Adobe consulting team.


Karandeep Singh

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