Do all visits within a tracking code's expiry period get counted to that first visit?



Using the campaigns report (s.campaigns), what does it mean if I am in a Paid Search report, setup through SAINTS classification of campaign tracking codes, and I break down by referring domains, and 20% of the visits are direct/bookmark.  To be clear, I am in Workspace, Campaign Type report (based on s.campaign tracking code).  Visits is the metric.  Breakdown Campaign Type (in this case the value of Paid Search) by Referring Domain.  I would expect all the referring domains to be search engines, but 20% is direct/bookmark.  The tracking code is set to expire after 14 days.

Is it correct to say that if a visit comes from paid search with a campaign ID, all visits for that visitor will be counted towards that campaign ID for 14 days, unless overwritten by a different value in that campaign ID (email for example), but if the person comes through direct, within the 14 days, that visit would get counted towards that paid search campaign ID?

Example: Visit 1 from paid search link with campaign ID.  Next day visit 2 from typing URL directly (Direct).  That paid search campaign report would now show 2 visits for this person tied to that tracking code.  Am i understanding correctly?

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That's correct. Referring Domain is visit-based, so every time a new visit is started, it is tied to a different referring domain.

Since your Tracking Code variable does not expire at visit (it expires after 14 days), any user who has multiple visits within that 14-day period will be listed under each referring domain (or lack thereof) when breaking down Tracking Code by Referring Domain.

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