Display folder level trend lines of several different folders in one reportlet graphic. Possible?

francis_cizmar 09-11-2016

Hi; I am just learning my way around Adobe Analytics and am looking for a way to display folder level trends of several different folders in one reportlet graphic. Is this possible, and if so, where can I get the steps to do this? Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


There might be a way to do this in Analysis Workspace, but honestly it would probably be easiest to do it in Excel using Report Builder. If you haven't used Report Builder before, it's a connector that lets you pull Analytics data into Excel. It does not require advanced Excel skills (though it does require basic experience).

  1. In Adobe Analytics, create a segment for each of the 5 directories
  2. Open Excel and create a Report Builder request for each of the 5 directories, using their respective segments
  3. Once you have all 5 requests trended, use the Excel formula =AVERAGE(cell range) to get the average of the 5 directories

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

francis_cizmar 10-11-2016

Hi Tanmay!

Thank you for welcoming me, and for responding to my question. Let me try to clarify; please forgive any incorrect or imprecise terms I may use to describe what I am trying to accomplish.

I have a dashboard that displays reportlets on monthly page views and visits for five specific folder directories on my company's website, plus a sixth cross-folder reportlet that captures the aggregate of page views and visits for the afoermentioned five directories. What I am trying to do in this cross-folder reportlet is to display trend lines that track page views for each of the five reportlets, plus one more that displays the average of all five directories. (As an aside, I am not an Excel wiz, but I really need to understand whether what I want is possible in Adobe Analytics, or whether I need to enlist the help of someone with Advanced Excel skills to build a solution for me.

Does that help? Thank you for any assistance and guidance!


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Hi Francis,

Welcome to the Analytics Community!

Could you elaborate a bit more on what kind of data you want to display? What kind of 'folder level trends' you want to show in the reportlet?