disable metrics for other report suites in Workspace?

alv123456 23-03-2018


currently Workspace users see all metrics and dimensions that re available globally, across all report suites. Thus they have plenty of calculated metrics and semgents which are duplicated on many report suites. Is there a way to reproduce the view as it is in the Analytics tool? Where the user can check/uncheck if he wants to see other report suite's metrics?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

nickh86417692 23-03-2018

If you are using virtual report suites, then in the VRS admin, you can select which metrics, dimensions, and segments will be available in each virtual report suite. I don't know of a way to do this in workspace for non-virtual report suites though.

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Answers (2)


Dear Alv,

I am afraid that limiting the metrics based on Report Suite is not available in Workspace right now?

You can raise this as an Idea to the Adobe Community and expect the response.

Thank You


alv123456 26-03-2018

No, we are not using VRS. But what if the user has access to multiple VRS, won't he see all metrics and segments available to him across all RS when in Workspace?