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I am trying to build a freeform table but really struggling with the dimensions aspect. So I have a metric and have broken it down into a list of currencies of an error in this particular case. That's all fine, but now I want to filter by day, but this is where it gets strange. If I pull out the Day dimension and drop it in, it only gives me 15 days from earliest to latest day left to right. Now I need 30 days, so I click the arrow on days and it gives as many as I want, but if I click on a bunch of them, it puts them on the table in the reverse order. Is there a way specify which order you want them in?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Rob,

Right now, we do not have the option to sort the columns.

The only way to drag and drop the day line items one by one for 30 days.

Do understand the need and the gap here. Kindly raise it as an idea on Adobe Analytics Forum so that it will be updated near future.

Thank You


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