Dimension for Adobe Heartbeat Error Event ID s:event:id?



I'm using Adobe Heartbeat 2.0 for video tracking and I'm tracking errors via the standard trackError call...


After calling the function, I get a HTTP request with the following query parameters...


s:event:type: error

My question is, where in the Analytics Interface can I see the Error ID? I'm able to find the number of errors, but not a dimension that holds the actual ID. In my example, I'd like to see which errors are being fired for a specific video. Will I need to setup a processing rule to map s:event:id into an eVar or is the error id available in Adobe Analytics by default?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



After further investigation it appears that Error IDs send via Heartbeat cannot be displayed in Adobe Analytics Workspaces. It's also not possible to intercept the s:event:id using a processing rule. If you need to track exact video errors, the recommendation is to make an AppMeasurement's s.tl() call.

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