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Hi There,

Want to inquire something about the Adobe analytics dimension ‘Cookie Support

Dimension items

Dimension items include Enabled , Disabled , and Unknown .

  • Enabled : The browser supports cookies, and has them enabled.
  • Disabled : The browser does not support cookies, or the visitor disabled them.
  • Unknown : AppMeasurement could not determine cookie support. The k query string was not present in the image request.

Sorry that I couldn't fully understanding the meaning above,

I would like to know in which case the value is collected as ‘Enabled, Disabled or Unknown’(Any Examples) ?


Also, as in website, there would be different types of cookies like -- Performance(Functional), Analytics, and Advertising cookies

Is this dimension specifically referring to any type of them?

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Hi @panj75843567 ,


The 'Cookie support' dimension reports if the browser supports cookies for a hit. It is useful to determine the ratio of visitors who use browsers that support cookies, and those who have disabled the cookies.

This dimension collects data from the 'k' parameter in image requests. AppMeasurement tries to set a cookie named s_cc , then detects if the cookie exists.

So, if your browser is configured to accept the cookies then this parameter will set to 'Y' as shown below.




However, if you configure your browser not to accept the cookies then the 'k' parameter will set to N.

But, if the s_cc cookie is not set in your browser or 'k' parameter is not set in the server call then this dimension will be set to 'Unknown' line item.

Hope this helps.




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Answers (1)



Cookie Support report groups mobile device hits by whether they support cookies or not. Visitors are divided into groups the support cookies and groups that do not. The type of mobile device is identified in the user agent string.Since this cookie is set up within browser, it can be available for mobile/non-mobile devices.


Adobe maintains a list of mobile devices that are known to support cookies. If the mobile device listed in the user agent string is also listed in Adobe's list of mobile devices, then the Supported line item in the Cookie Support report is incremented. Otherwise, the Not Supported line item in the report is incremented. In other word, If s_cc is set and read by the JavaScript code to determine if cookies are enabled, you will see increment in enabled line item. It is a session cookie and expires when the browser is closed and is stored at the domain of the page .