Differentiating duplicate links and the ActivityMap browser extension



According to Adobe documentation here https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/analytics/activitymap/activitymap-link-tracking-use...

you can differentiate links by editing the link and region functions of ActivityMap.

I have done so, and after changing the output of the link and region function, I have found that in the ActivityMap browser extension, the link click numbers are no longer populated.

In some experimentation I have done with using s_objectID, I had similar results.

Is there a way to edit the ActivityMap link and region functions, or use s_objectID while still allowing the ActivityMap browser extension to work properly?



I used a pipe character as a delimiter in the returned string from my modified link function within Activity Map and that was causing issues with the plugin - now my only problem is with my edited region function being able to use two different selectors for the region ID.




My updated region function worked fine.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



The only problem was I used pipe characters in the string that was returned by my modified ActivityMap link function.

Might be nice if this was noted in the documentation that suggests editing the link and region function...

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