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Hello, I have two versions of the same page that i am doing an a/b test on GA. However, the same page is also tagged with adobe analytics and i am trying to gather some more data on the pages through adobe interface. As the props are same for both the pages in adobe, i am not finding a way to differentiate between the pages. Is there a easy way to do so. Can i pass a document path in adobe interface somewhere to divide the users behind these two pages?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Per your question, it seems both the pages are reporting in the same report suite. If yes, the best way to segregate the data, would be to pass a unique identifier using 1 custom variable, for both the pages. For an example:

For version A, pass prop1 = Ver A

Similarly for version B, pass prop1 = Ver B

The one above is just a generic example. Choice of variable and the value being set is completely up to your requirement.

Note: When you say Document Path, I'm assuming it's the localhost path being picked from the local machine when you open those pages. If it's true, those path values should already be passed as the page URL (g parameter). Please check and if you see the path values being passed, you'd be able to use Data Warehouse to get data for the desired page version by applying segment for Page URL.