Different segments offer in 2 accounts within the same company




I am having some difficulties with the segments.

On the same report (Page Views), my colleague (left screenshot below) and me (right screenshot below) have different options. She has access to several segments that were there by default; I have access to none.

I tried to look for the segment Website only (.com) since we have both a website and an app; no result.

Could you help me on that issue?

Thank you,

Xavier K.

Segments list.pngCapture.JPG Capture2.JPG

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I anticipate this is going to be a permissions issue. If neither of you have admin-level permissions, then I would recommend working with an admin in your organization to get everything sorted out.

Also, if you click 'manage' in the upper right, it will take you to the segment manager where you can see all segments you have access to.

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