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When verifying the report, Adobe Analytics has 43 unique users, but Google Adwords has 744 clicks. Although a week ago the figures were three times higher. Why does not Adobe Analytics see the traffic from Google media ads? Google traffic suddenly down. Please help understand, what's the reasons.

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You are not comparing apple to apple. You mentioned 2 different metrics so it won't match.

What are you using as Google adwords integration in Adobe Analytics ? Which reports are you running ?

Per the details provided, there is not much we can help until further details are provided

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Answers (2)




I'm having a similar problem matching Adobe Analytics to Google AdWords.

I see your point about comparing apples to apples as clicks and users would obviously be different.

But I'm trying to match 'Clicks' in AdWords to Visits in Adobe Analytics and there is about 1,000 more clicks than there are visits. I also tried to look at 'Click-Throughs' as obviously this would be closer but there is a similar discrepancy.

To give some context...we've managed to breakdown by keyword by using a query string parameter (e.g. www.mywebsite.com/landing-page?KNC=PPCG-909)

Using classifications I then match each reference (PPCG-909) to a keyword within our AdWords campaign.

This has worked to a point...but does not return the same number of visits/click-throughs as we see click in AdWords...despite it always being the same query string and URL. 

There are a lot of reasons why the two numbers may not match but I've explored a lot of them...I wondered if there were any other possibilities I'm not thinking of that could account for such a difference:

Marketing Channels Processing Rules not set up correctly - While I'm not sure these are 100% correct, we are seeing some if not all clickthroughs in marketing channels, so it looks as if its working as it should, but somehow not recording ALL clicks.

Closing the page before it loads - We have a pretty swift site and I can't believe this can happen in 1000+ occasions.

I was wondering if you had any more ideas or an approach I could take to troubleshoot the problem?

Thanks for your help