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When I pull a Pages Report I am able to get conversion metrics (events), but when I try to build the same report in Workspace or just use the "Try in Workspace" link from the Pages Report these same metrics do not populate in Workspace.  Why will they populate in one build and not the other?

Other metrics such as page views, visits, bounces, etc. show up fine no matter how I pull them.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

The Page dimension works slightly different in Workspace than it does in Reports & Analytics. I'm guessing those events are being set in Custom, Download, or Exit Links? This is my guess because the Page dimension in Workspace only allocates events that are set in the same hit as the page view. Reports & Analytics actually uses Linear attribution by default for the Page dimension.

HOWEVER, we have a great solution! You can use Attribution IQ to modify the allocation to "Last Touch" (or Linear if you want it to match Reports & Analytics).

This is possible by:

right-clicking on the event and selecting "Modify Attribution Model" then selecting Last Touch, Visit. Details here:

If this isn't an option for you, then you can perform the same action via Calculated Metric. Details here:

Here's a sample table I built that shows event1 which is only captured in Custom Links with 4 different attribution models applied to it:

Default, Same Touch, Last Touch | Visit, and Linear | Visit.


Note how the last column, Linear, aligns with the data in Reports & Analytics:


Hope that helps!

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