Diferent Bounce rates ( Calulated Metric vs. Adob eAnalytics Metric)



Hello again Adobe Community !

I'm studying the KPI for some parts of my website, so I'm using some hit container segments for each page type of my web site stored on a trafic variable.

My question is, why is the Native metric Bounce Rate getting values event though my calculated metric (Single Acces / Entries ) is always 0?

I get that it's because the single Access is always 0 ( mainly because my customers must be always entering the site via the Home) - but then why is the Bounce rate different ?


Maybe I should study the bounce rate when I'm analysing my diferent category pages

Cheers Again for this great community and all your Analytics knwoledge !


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Accepted Solutions (1)




A Bounce is the visit which has only 1 hit (can be any type of hit).

A Single Access is a visit where all variables seen have had only 1 unique value.

If there are two hits, then it is not a bounce. However, it can still be a Single Access. If any of the variables have more than 1 value, then it will not be a Single Access as well.

I didn't understand what you were trying to do here, but here is a great article explaining the differences:

See how bounces are different from Bounce Rate and Single Access metrics in SiteCatalyst

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Answers (2)