DFA Connectors | Multiple advertiser accounts mapped to a single report suite

RinaPatel 12-07-2017


I wanted to ask can multiple Advertiser Accounts be mapped to a single report suite.

The scenario is that the client has multiple agencies, multiple advertiser accounts but a single global report suite and they would like to be able to consolidate their media campaigns into a single global report suite.

Is this possible?

Regards Rina

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



You can have multiple Data connector integration with the same partner on the same report suite. I would recommend working with the consultant to be sure you are clear about how this data would work together in Adobe Analytics

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

zdenek_p 01-09-2017

If you need to combine the data from multiple accounts into single consolidated output you can use a tool Dataddo and use the feature called structure, allowing you to define relations between the data from multiple different sources and merge them together.



are you capturing it the dfa and the other tracking codes in a single variable?

If it is the same, you can just create your MCPR on it.

If there are two different variables, you can use it probably as an 'ANY' condition to check.

RinaPatel 21-07-2017

Hi Hdyerziaee,

Thanks - i had already worked this out by just applying the additional connection.

However thanks for coming back to us.

I have another question though - Currently, we are using the s.campaign to capture tracking codes using events/evars and now we are using the DFA connection - how can you apply both such that the marketing channel report can capture both manual tracking codes vs. the dfa.

Have you got a solution for this?

regards rina.