Devices report not showing breakdown of device model for iPhone

pradyut_c 25-10-2017

Hi All,

When I run device report in report & analytics, I can see model breakdown for samsung device, oppo devices, huawei device, but for iPhone I can only see Apple iPhone (no model breakdown).

Do you think it is consistent for all users or is there something to be fixed to get this information. What should we do to have this information?

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

nikitaf2673776 26-10-2017

Apple does not report the model of the device in the user agent string. You could guess based on screen resolution, and build a classification. You could also use the version of iOS to approximate the age of the device.

Adobe Analytics currently uses data from DeviceAtlas to decode user agents into human-friendly device names. You could subscribe to their services directly, and use their proprietary JavaScript libraries to get this data from the client.

iPhone model detection with DeviceAtlas

How DeviceAtlas detects iPhone models

How to implement the DeviceAtlas client-side component

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Answers (5)


Additional relevant KB article: Compare iPhone device versions

Adobe Analytics bases the 'Mobile Screen Size' dimension off of the user agent, and since 'Apple iPhone' is the only thing we get from the user agent, the screen size shows as 320x480 for everyone.

A way around this would be to implement an additional eVar that collects screen resolution so you can get additional insight to the iPhone model users have.


Hi nikitarama​,,

Screen Resolution will also not help here as that will also be the same for all the devices.

To summarize, Adobe Analytics use the user-agent that is sent in the hit to determine the Device, Screen Size and other device specific dimensions with the help of Device Atlas. For Apple devices, this becomes an issue, since it's default browser "Safari" doesn't provide information to identify different hardware in the user-agent.

Therefore, all versions of the iPhone are tracked as one device. So for screen size as well, we set only one screen size (generally the first one in a month).

However, there can be times you see other device versions (screen sizes as well) of the iPhone. This is because the the user-agent issue is limited to safari browser in Apple devices. If the user access the website through a different browser, we can capture the details and show it in the reports.

To add to pradyut.c​'s query, there doesn't seem to be a solution available for traffic coming from iOS devices which used Safari browser.

pradyut_c 25-10-2017

Thank you guys for clarifying that devices report wont give model breakdown for iPhone. However, my question still remains unanswered - How can we get this information (i am using webiste, not app)?

nikitaf2673776 25-10-2017

If you are tracking a web property, then this is correct. The Mobile Device dimension will list the model breakdown for Android devices and just Apple iPhone and Apple iPad for those devices. If you are tracking an app via the SDK, the Device Name dimension will break down the Apple devices by their model, i.e. iPhone8,1 or iPhone10,2.

Saurabh_Kumar1 25-10-2017


   I see the same behavior for device report as noted by you. This is out of box report in Adobe Analytics, I think we can't really modify the device information captured by Adobe.


Saurabh Kumar.