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daniel_friedwal 20-07-2016

I am looking to run a report or create a panel in workspace that will allow me to filter by Device Type (desktop,tablet,mobile)

To get Pages per visit, Time spent per visit, and VOD starts per visit

by Aquisition (direct, facebook, twitter, yahoo etc)


I was wondering if someone could assist me with which dimensions, metrics, and segments to use to get an accurate report. thanks in advance 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Daniel,

Since there are multiple dimensions that you're interested in, one them you would need to use as a segment. Recommend going with either Device Type or Acquisition

Lets suppose you use Device Type as segment. Then you would need to create multiple freeform tables each for the following:

  1. Pages by Acquisition
  2. Time spent per visit by Acquisition
  3. VOD by Acquisition

Apply the Visits metric to each of the reports. Now you can apply the segment to the freeform panel and it would affect all the reports. Changing the segment would instantly give you the numbers for the other device types.

If you would like to have all this information on the workspace and that you don't require changing the segments, then you would need to create multiple freeform panels with exact same reports and apply the different segments to each of the panel.


DO remember that there are various ways to tackle this situation. Personally, for this, I would go with Report Builder, so that I can customize everything to my liking.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)



The Device Type and Mobile Device Type are the same report/dimensions. 

You will need to create segment first to use it. 


Segmentation Article:

I like the way you have created the report though as well.

As for the Acquisition, it looks like that data is only MobileApplication specific and not present in Analytics. So you will not be able to create a segment or find it any reports here.

daniel_friedwal 21-07-2016

Hey - 


Thanks for your response. Very helpful.


However, I dont see Device Type as a segment. I only see a Mobile Device Type in Dimensions.

And also dont see an acquisition metric to complete the report. I was wondering if somebody could let me know how to create those components to help finish my report.


I build this  but dont think its correct. 


Any guidance is much appreciated 


thank you

Community Manager

Hi Daniel,

Welcome to the community! Its great to have you here. 

Have you checked out the device type report?

You can add additional metrics then, time spent per visit is available by default, pages per visit and others would need to be created as calculated metrics and you can then have your report. Let me know what help you need. Thanks!