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Hi Everyone. I am trying to figure out if visitors are using our vanity (friendly) URL's. For example, we have a vanity URL,, that is URL forwarded to Fight the Bite!. Since these are URL forwarded, how can I use AEM Analytics report or query to enumerate those coming in via the vanity URL? Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Steve,

You have two options:

1 - adjust the 301 redirect to send visitors to a URL that include a campaign id, like:​?cid=sdfightthebit_vanity

then set up a data element that pulls the value of the cid query parameter

then push the data element value into s.campaign via a Page Load rule.

2 - use your eVar3 dimension which is pulling in URL with the metric of Entries. Filter to your fightthebite page and you can guess the majority of these came from the vanity URL.

Obviously Option 1 is preferred as the data will be most accurate. But it takes some setup.

Option 2 allows you to use the data you're already collecting, but there may be a bit of noise.

Hope that helps!

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