saraht69310464 19-10-2017


Adobe offers on their Adobe Privacy website a way for our website visitors to opt-out for Adobe Marketing Cloud advertising solutions for web-based ads.

This will call the following pixel:

As a result, the demdex cookie will be set to NOTARGET.

What if a visitor wants to opt-in again?

Can we on our website offer our visitor a way (link) to opt-in again?



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Accepted Solutions (1)


Apologies for not being more clear here. You can use JavaScript to clear the cookie.

More information on how to delete cookies can be found across the web; here's one as an example:

javascript - Delete cookie by name? - Stack Overflow

All you'd need to do is set the JS code to execute in an onClick event of a link or button.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

saraht69310464 31-10-2017

Hi Gigazelle,

Thanks for your reply but this is not the answer I am searching for.

We don't want to explain our visitors how to delete the NOTARGET cookie, but we want to offer him a button/link on our website which immediately opts them back in, like Adobe offers from the Analytics Omniture_optout:

Opt-in - Include me in visitor session aggregation and analysis (do not install the opt-out cookie) - Click Here

Opt-out - Exclude me from visitor session aggregation and analysis (install the opt-out cookie) - Click Here

Thanks in advance,