Deleted workspace is still sending out scheduled reports



I created this workspace a few years ago and deleted it sometime last year. I didn't realize that the recipient is still receiving the scheduled reports. Now she wants to modify the criteria of the report, but it's nowhere to be found.

  1. Is it a bug that the reports continue to be sent?
  2. Is there any chance I can recover this?

I can easily replicate the workspace, but now my concern is that she will get 2 scheduled reports with different data.

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Deleted workspaces aren't recoverable, chances are that this scheduled report still exists in the scheduled reports section.

Components> Scheduled Reports

Search here and see if you can find it and delete it.

If you cannot find it, open a ticket with client care.,

Please include:


Schedule Report Name:

Report Suite:

and any other information.


Steven Hofheins | Adobe Support