Default tracked numbers with header and footer code without any additional rules



Dear all,

can you tell me which basic numbers are tracked when I implement Adobe Analytics into a new website when only added the header and footer code to the website and without defining any specific rule in the DTM?

So far, I could fine page views and pages but I  haven't clicked through all reports yet. Maybe someone knows an overview/thread with a list?

Thanks, Marie

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Here is a ref for some of the variables one could see.

If you go to your page, then to network tab.  Filter on /b/ss/ you will find any adobe beacons.

See screen grab of a public site. Now in the network tab window you can see all variables captured. Some will be expalined in previous link.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.35.03.png

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