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We have created few js data elements based on data layers. The data layer naming conventions comprises of both upper case and lower case values. We have selected the option of 'force lower case' in DTM data element settings. Now, the issue is that while, the debugger shows lower case values (the way we want), the values in report suite(staging in this case) are coming as same as actual data layer values.

Can someone please help on what might be going on here and ways to fix it?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Per eVar documentation (as a sample):

Case Sensitivity
eVars are case insensitive, but they are displayed in the capitalization of the first occurrence. For example, if the first instance of eVar1 is set to "Logged In," but all subsequent instances are passed as "logged in," reports always show "Logged In" as the value of the eVar.
The docs don't specify this, but if you only pass lower case value on July 1 and use July as your reporting window it might shift (have seen this happen before).

If its just for the staging report suit you could also reset the expiration.  That might work. 

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Just for troubleshooting, can you please check in the .js script what configurations are loading for your data elements.

For below configuration all three are enabled - Case insensitive match, Force lowercase value, Scrub whitespace and linebreaks using cleanText


 I feel, if the debugger shows lower case values, then the same should go to the Analytics also.

 It is good that instead of handling at report suite side, while passing value to the Analytics, you can use the .toLowerCase() method to avoid this kind of issue.

If the data is already available in the report suite, then you can use classifications to get proper count.