Days since last visit -- A userID must have a single day as a last day since last visit. But I am seeing UserID is 0days,1days, 2days,,,,, how come this ?



Hi Team,

I am trying to pull DaySinceLastVisit(DSLV) for a userID. As per the DSLV, a userID must have a day/days since last visit, only one row of data may be 0day or 1 day or 2 days. But I am seeing in the report, same userID have 0day,1day, 2day,... My question is how come a UserID have multiple DSLV values? Please help me.






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Hi Dinesh,


I believe the issue is related, probably, to your date range. If you have a long date range, the dimension will show all the hits associated with the user ID. Have a look in the example below:


Because my date rage is almost a month of data, I'm pulling all the hits associated, to this user, with the "days since last visit" as a dimension.

This might be the reason you're seeing multiple figures in the dimensions.