Days before first purchase from registration date




I'm looking to implement a rule in adobe launch similar to the Days before first purchase with a slight modification. I want to know the Days before first purchase from the date of registration.


Any insights will be really helpful.


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There may be better ways to do this but my approach would be to get a FIXED registration date (using Unix Timestamp) added to your data layer, which is available on all visits post registration, such as:


registrationTime = 1593172370551


You could set this in Launch, but personally I would use the data layer for reliability.


Then when a customer makes a purchase, create a "date difference" value in Launch between ( - registrationTime), which you can convert to Hours / Days / Weeks etc and set this as an EVENT / EVAR. Depending on your business need, you may want to get exact numbers (average 1.44 days) or rounded for graphing in EVARS.


I hope this helps.