Datasources combined with visitor-id



I am having a question due to the usage of data sources

I would liek to track impressions of teaser into a logfiles w/o Adobe and the clicks with stl tracking in Adobe.Is there a possibility to get this done?

When looking into Adobe later one I would like to have the data of the impressions and clicks combined with the session and the specific user. Is there a chance to get this done and how?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes, you can match up offline and online data using transactionID​. Basically how it works is that you'll want to define transactionID on your site where you want the offline/online data to match up. Then you'll want to use the same transactionID in your data sources upload for that user. When an online transactionID matches an offline transactionID, the data is tied to the same user.