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I am setting up a datafeed to export our website data to Azure blob. I want to get all the historical data from 2017. The feed interval is daily and delay processing is 60min.

Q1) For each day, the data is only a few MB. But it takes about 40 min to export one day data. Why the speed is so slow and how can I speed up this process??

Q2) I paused one feed and started a new feed. But the old one seems still delivering data while the new one is not starting even the status is Active. Will the Old feed continue to deliver the whole 2017 data (even I deactivate it) before the new feed start to deliver data? Cannot we start two feeds simultaneously?

Q3) How to compute First touch and Last touch channel using datafeed data?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




For the issues in pausing the feed, contact customer care. They should be able to help out with getting the new one started as well.

The datafeed files (for historical) are not sent in bulk to avoid flooding the system with a massive request. It is designed to process one period (hour or day) of file every hour.

As for the Marketing Channel data, you can refer to the following columns in the data feed:


All the columns are mentioned here: Data Column Reference

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