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Can anyone kindly help me understand what "Data Workbench" is and what does it do?

As far as I understand, though this tool, the online and offline data can be integrated so it allows to analyze the specific visitor's behavior both online and offline.

I wonder how it works. How can this tool identify A visitor who comes to the site yesterday also have bought A product from the offline store?

Thank you very much!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Data Workbench (DWB) is an advanced analytical tool that is part of the Adobe Analytics Premium package. It enables you to bring online, offline and 3rd party data into one place for a comprehensive 360 degree view of their customers. All of this data combines for a higher resolution view and better understanding of an organisation’s customers so business users can predict the success of their campaigns and maximise the impact of their ad spend.

It allows users create advanced audience segments that can be targeted via digital channels. Adobe Marketing Cloud and the Adobe Marketing Cloud Visitor ID service enables an integration between DWB and Adobe Audience Manager, allowing marketers to retarget advanced audience segments.

For more information is at: Introducing Adobe Data Workbench Implementation / Installation Guide



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Answers (3)




It allows you to get data from different sources, online and offline, CRM, 3rd party, etc and tie them up together. Of course, for tying the data, you will need to have a visitor identification variable or a attribute to use.

It also provides advanced attribution models that can be used to understand your user behavior.





You know, for how long the tool has been around, there are a surprisingly small number of videos that I have found on the tool. Everything nowadays revolves around Analysis Workspace, which in my opinion is a lot more intuitive and easier to use.

These were the only two videos I managed to find, and unfortunately neither of them are in English:

Adobe analytics data workbench - YouTube

Techmonos | Adobe Insight -data visualize - YouTube