Data Warehouse Page Dimension Visit Discrepancy

ericmewald 08-08-2018


I'm finding that when pulling a Data Warehouse report using the Page Dimension (w/ visit and page view as metrics), that there are blanks under the page dimension column that show visits but no page views


I went back into Workspace to confirm that my total visits were not affected by the blank pages that had visits and no page views. I found that Workspace was not counting these visits in aggregate reporting, or reporting any of the blank page dimension visits in the detail view.

We also have GA as a back up for our reporting, and found that our total visits are very close to GA sessions indicating that this issue is not affecting our overall visit reporting.


What could be causing this? Is this something that would need immediate attention? If this is an issue what would be a fix?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Eric,

The pages with no page views are because of calls like PDFs, Exit Links and Custom Links.

Though Page Views are not counted for the above calls, visits have to be attributed but it wont affect the overall numbers as you said.

Since Page Name is the default variable captured on all calls, the above so.

It is normal and working fine. No need to change anything!

Thank You


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

ericmewald 09-08-2018


Thank you for the answer! One more question. Could it be possible that any of our direct call rules would be causing this as well? The reason I'm asking, is because I'm finding a correlation with the number of direct call rules firing and an increase in these visits without page views.