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I am unsure of how to use segments as breakdowns in the reporting API. In the data warehouse request builder, it's as simple as picking a segment as it will add it as a breakdown, but in the API it only gives me the option to use multiple segments. Is there some documentation that will explain this? Thanks!

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The data warehouse API does not support using segments as dimensions, unfortunately. That's an ability that is specific to Analysis Workspace.

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Thanks for the documentation! I'm still not sure how to proceed though, I guess I'll try and show what I'm trying to do.

This is a sample request when I manually go into datawarehouse

OVERALL SEGMENT - Homepage Visits

Breakdowns -

evar1 -> evar50 -> visits_that_clicked_link (This is a segment)

Metric -


So a sample result would look like this

Date          evar1               evar50      visits_that_clicked_link     visits

April 1     USA         0                                        100

April 1     USA         1                                        150

April 1     EU           0                                        53

April 1     EU           1                                        34

In the API, it only gives me the option to select multiple segments as an overall filter, but it won't use them as breakdowns.