Data Sources not tying information to existing Experience Cloud Visitor ID



For reference, as a test I am trying to tie a single eVar uploaded with Data Sources via the Data Sources API to an existing visitor in Analytics (using Adobe Launch). I am using Experience Cloud Visitor ID as transactionID, event "Data Source Upload", and an eVar where I am sending a string "bot". I have done the following so far testing a single visitor with a generic transactionID Data Source:


1. I verified in the cloud debugger that transactionID is sending for a page and matches the Experience Cloud Visitor ID.

2. I uploaded a single entry Data Sources file for my test visits with the only visitor ID.

3. In my Analytics report (attached) I see the "Data Source Upload" event registering the hit but I still see my visits listed as "Unspecified" and not "bot".



I expected this to eventually resolve due to some delay but it has not. Is there something I am missing to tie this data together so I see the visits correctly labeled? 


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Accepted Solutions (1)



I received a response from Adobe for my use case. Transaction ID doesn't increment visitor metrics, but it is associated with the visitor id. Since it is associated I was able to get my intended functionality for my eVar by creating a segment.

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Hi @nkreid ,


If you want to tie offline data with online data using TransactionID data source, you would need to make sure s.transactionID variable is implemented in the online hits and then using the same value passed in s.transactionID variable in TransactionID column of Data source upload you can map the data. Passing Experience Cloud Visitor ID in transactionID column will not map the data.


Here is an implementation example for your reference