Data's Not Capturing in Report



Hi All,

Just implemented Adobe Analytics on a Website and verified in Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger all the Data's are capturing correctly but the Data's are not tracked/captured in Report. What could be possible reasons for this?



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Answers (3)




First thing I'd check is to make sure the report suite ID is correct. If it is, the next thing I'd check is to make sure there aren't any timestamp settings that are messed up. Adobe Analytics is very picky when it comes to timestamp settings. If you have a timestamp report suite and the hits don't have a ts query string parameter, the hit is thrown out. If the report suite is not timestamp-enabled and image requests have a ts query string parameter, the hit is also thrown out.

If you provide us with the URL that you're having trouble with, we can double check that the implementation is working correctly, and I'd even be happy to check and make sure the data is collected in Analytics.



Hi Charles,

Data take some time to update in the Adobe Analytics report till the time you can check the data flow in Adobe Analytics Real Time section. If you didn't find any real time data over there then there is something wrong in your implementations.