Data Quality: Automated Process

robertb45403731 13-06-2018

Hi all,

We collect approximately 150-200 different eVars, a lot of which are built on frequently changing factors on the website (i.e. data layers/button clicks etc.)

Currently, we aim to manually audit this data twice a year but it is extremely time consuming and often is a lower priority.

We've been looking for a way to automate the process of checking that data is collecting the right data, in the right places etc.

Has anyone automated this process already and have any tips? Initial thoughts are to do it via report builder but again - setting up requests for 200 eVars seems quite time consuming.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

suneeshkachroo 13-06-2018

Data Quality is one key thing that needs focus but needs to be done at the right level of implementation.

We have build extensive Processes using Observe Point Audits and Few Custom Validation tools to check and make sure the data being captured is as per expectations.

The key validation has to happen before data lands to report suites and more automated validation you have the improvement in data quality is significant.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

suneeshkachroo 14-06-2018

Built it on our own. However, on the tools side Observe point has been really helpfull in enabling those tools.

So basically we been using the base as Observe point tool to provide the audit data and from that crawl data extract we were validation the data layer and variables, also setting up simulations to validate with use cases.