Data Layer values not accepted in .net site

arjunsudas 19-09-2019

Hi Team,

It have been a long time since I have requested for your valuable assistance. I have created a .net site and I am currently trying to implement Adobe Analytics inside it(Launch based implementation). The launch script is called successfully but prior to that the javascript data layer for which I have included the digitaldata and the associated variables is not being tracked in the Cloud debugger, so the evars associated with these are not working correctly. I am confused and if there is a seperate way for .net implementation of adobe analytics, could you guys please help me out? Thanks in advance

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arjunsudas 20-09-2019

Answers to your question:

1. Currently it is a test application which is not SPA

2. The script is defined in document.ready

3. I am not firing any event since data-layer seems similar to a declaration and those values are defined in javascript but not send to the adobe server. The variables like environment,product,application, page name etc are defined under the page section in the digitaldata declaration

ajaym75199991 20-09-2019

Dear Arjun

Couple of things I would like to know from your before suggesting solution

1. is your application SPA or multi-page?

2. Do you firing rule for pageview on pageload of any page?

3. What event you are firing and you are not getting your datalayer captured in debugger?

There could be separate recommendations for SPA and separate for Multi page application.

Share more information so that we can help you