Data Feeds and S3 export failed

guyr8182598 14-12-2018


We're running into some unknown issues with Data Feeds to S3 bucket.

We simply used a one-day all columns export but the transfer keeps failing. (a day in the past but within 30 days)

In Analytics UI we see status 'complete'. However, in the email we receive  'failed to complete successfully (Status: Failed to complete successfully). And no description about why it failed.. anyone else having this issue? and a solution?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

guyr8182598 04-01-2019

Viewing the Adobe Logs (through Customer Care) the problem was at the receving side (S3 bucket). The file/feed got generated correctly and pushed to the queue, however there was an authorization mechanism in place that was not supported.

Would be great though if such error messages are reported back in Data Feed UI as well.

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