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Hello Experts,

I am new to Adobe suit and looking for your inputs on few my requirements.

We are looking for extracting detail transaction level data from DWB for each object (to be more precise, similar to 'select * from table' in oracle DB) to import into a relational DB for reporting needs.  Can you please suggest whats best approach to export all the attributes/fields of each DWB table with the volume of 11M activities?

Thank you very much!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




HI Sunil,

It looks your best go forward is Analytics Data Feed

Adobe can deliver this raw data to the customer in a batched manner on a recurring daily or hourly delivery schedule. Each data feed comprises the raw data for a single report suite. In a user-friendly data feed service interface, you can select all/selected columns to be delivered on either of the following four distribution channels:

  1. FTP (Data feed data can be delivered to an Adobe or your hosted FTP location)
  2. SFTP (Data feed data can be delivered to an Adobe or your hosted sFTP location)
  3. Amazon S3
  4. Azure Blob

You can schedule your feed to deliver daily or hourly based on your need, can also get historical data feed (contact client care to get more details on this)

Some useful links:

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