Data discrepancies between Adobe API Report and Ad Hoc Tool Report



Hi Team,

I see the data discrepancies between Ad Hoc Analysis Tool Report data and Adobe Web Services Report data.. Here are the details...


Ad Hoc Tool Analysis  Report -> 

Elements that I considered are : Custom Props (prop22 /Prop30 / Prop47) and Metric is PageViews

Date : 2016-05-01 to 2016-05-02

Hits : For ex: prop22 / prop30 -   104 Hits

Adobe API (Web Services -> C# code) -> 

I used the same elements and same metric and date range is the same... But for the same Props the Hits I got was 161. 

Overall 25% of the data is different between Ad Hoc and APIs. Always APIs given high hits count..

Please note that  I don't see the difference in Hits when it comes to the Custom Success Events.


- Why is that difference?

- What Ad Hoc Tool uses to fetch the data (Isn't it the Web Services) ?

Please do the needful.. Appreciate your quick response on this..



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Accepted Solutions (1)



I don't know enough about the API call to describe how to know, or change, if you are counting repeat instances. But in Ad Hoc you can access it from the bottom of the screen (Count Repeat Instance: Yes/No) or from the global settings (Tools > Settings). The first option is a checkbox to count repeat instances.

If you aren't including repeat instances in Ad Hoc, run everything again including repeat instances. If the API call and Ad Hoc match at that point then you know that was the culprit (then the challenge becomes turning off repeat instance in the API).

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Answers (5)



Thanks for the quick response.... Count Repeat instance was set to Yes already in Ad Hoc Tool...  then what else could be the reason for this?



This is what I did

APIs -> Elements -> prop22 - with 150 as Top   / Prop30 with 1000 as Top  / Prop47  with 1000 as Top

             Metric as PageViews

Made the API calls to fetch the data with the above elements and metric.. checked the data in debug mode before manipulating the data -> I see the 161 for one of the  prop22 / prop30 values

Ad Hoc -> Dropped the above three elements and metric -> see that 104 for the same set of prop22 / prop30 values.. 


Could you elaborate on including the repeat instances in the API call???????