Data as a service

AEM_Forum 20-11-2018

Hi all,

Please find below the overall Adobe products Architecture.


Kindly elaborate on the "Data as a service" part, at the bottom of this diagram.

Does it mean Analytics is exposing Data as a service and these services could be invoked from outside?

Appreciate your support.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

AEM_Forum 20-11-2018

Hi Roshan, Your link is very useful and highly elaborate. I am looking for a straight answer to my query. Does that part of the diagram indicate that Data is exposed as a service by Adobe Analytics? Is this feature enabled with the help of People Core Service or so or Analytics itself does this on its own? Thanks, Rama.

roshanc44331495 20-11-2018

Hi Rama,

Data analytics are far more complex than setting up algorithms to feed into databases. To tap into the insights buried in datasets in a meaningful way—one that yields tangible results—requires both human touch paired with a scientific approach. In this link  you will get all the details of Data as a Service.