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elisabethb84684 04-04-2018

I'm sure many other companies are asking the same question - how do we measure and understand each customer touch point before their final step of making a purchase.  We are striving to create a better experience for our customers throughout their entire path to purchase.  Currently we are only utilizing Adobe Analytics as a last touch analysis platform.  What tools or methods would you suggest to dig deeper into the customer journey to make better and unique experiences with each customer?

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


As mentioned above, Adobe Analytics currently supports First and Last touch, as well as Participation and Linear. Announced last week is the expansion to include a bunch more models: available as calculated metrics as well as in a new Attribution IQ panel in Workspace. Hold tight and you'll have access to all of these soon!

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

nikitaf2673776 04-04-2018

First touch would be helpful to see how customers first got introduced to your brand. Participation allocation would help you see the in-between marketing activities, and it would also help you see what pages they saw before making a purchase. You could look at how many visits users have before making their first purchase, and how many visits they do between purchases.

Site (internal) search data could help you find what users are looking for, and what might be hard for them to find.

If you have recommender or comparison tools you could see if users who use those tools are more likely to purchase.