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  I'm looking to track customer journey within our website after a CTA is clicked. We know where a visitor is 'supposed' to go after clicking a CTA but the number of clicks vs visits to next page where we want the customers to go dont really match. So looking to see if there's a way to track where visitors are taken to after clicking on the CTA. 


 I've tried using the flow chart, to no avail (since we cant drop a segment as a touch point). TIA!

customer journey path

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Once you have created the Flowchart, right click and select Create Segment. You may then use the segment in the pages report to get the traffic post the CTA click. Hope that helps.



If you would like to track something happend AFTER certain things happen, "sequential segment" would help.

Make sure the "click" on CTA is tracked, then build sequetinal segment by using "only after"

See if this could help: