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Anuj1 30-07-2019

Hi Experts,

I am fairly new to AA and using AA with DTM, mostly using the OOTB features.

I am trying to set custom visitor id, as we want to uniquely identify the users from web as well from ios app. I am using Appmeasurement ( Java for App and JS for web with DTM). Setting up the visitor id like :


But I am not sure how to verify that if it works. I tried to pull the Visitor ID report from Dataware house but it seems its different id.

Any pointer would help.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Anuj1 07-08-2019


I am able to validate and export/view the report.

I used AppMeasurement Java library to populate the custom visitor id  and assigned that value to eVar for report generation:



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Answers (3)


Anuj, from what I see above I misled you saying that the Visitor ID dimension in Data Warehouse is referring to s.visitorID. The IDs mentioned above look likely Analytics cookie IDs that are not used for visitor identification if s.visitorID or Experience Cloud Visitor ID are set.

Have you tried to do a validation by running a report?

Another alternative you may consider is a raw data export with the help of Data Feed. Here is a link to a documentation explaining how to validate visitor identification >>> Identify visitors

Let me know if that helps.

Anuj1 31-07-2019

Thanks Andrey! I am trying in the same line as you suggested by hitting a particular page with same visitor id.

In general, can I extract the visitor id ( ex 12345 from vid=12345) information in AA. In Data Warehouse report, its different internally mapped id  which is different from what we set - 12345



Thanks again!


I think the Visitor ID dimension returned by Data Warehouse is exactly what you need to check. However, this may not be the easiest way to validate that the sessions are merged for the same visitor.

What I would do is to build a few beacons with Visitor ID and pageName as follows:

1) ....&pageName=visitor12345&vid=12345&...
2) ....&pageName=visitor12345&vid=12345&...

Then i would run them in different incognito browser windows.

Once the data is processed the number of Unique Visitors for the page visitor12345 should equal 1. This validation can be done in Analysis Workspace, for example.