Custom Traffic Variables in Rollup suite

robertf51753341 02-01-2018

I currently have a rollup suite containing two child suites within it. I know that it has become populated with data, as I am seeing data for site metrics and site contents reports, however I do not see anything for a s.prop custom traffic variable. The variable (prop34) is the same in both of the child suites, and I have also enabled it under Admin -> Report Suites -> Edit Settings -> Traffic -> Traffic Variables. Is there anything that I need to do that I have missed so far in order to see this custom traffic variable in a rollup suite?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Rollup returns data for specific variables through their respective data tables. It seems the rollup you are referring to, doesn't have the data table enabled for that specific prop.

Please reach out to ClientCare over email at and they would make the required change. This should help resolve the issue.

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