Custom metric - days before lead submission

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Accepted Solutions (1)




would be nice to get a calculated metric with time operations. i think this would solve the problem.

right now, i can't see any simple solution to get your answer. instead, you could create a bunch of segments and create a complex calc. metric to get your answer.

idea (for someone with enough time): you create a segment with different behaviours, eg:

1) visitors with "lead submission" in "first visit" => 0 days

2) visitors with "first visit" then within 1 day a "lead submission" => 1 day

3) visitors with "first visit" then within 1 day "no lead submission" then within 1 day "lead submission" => 2 days

4...n) just the same as 3) increasing the timespan of the "no lead submission" (make this for example until 30 days)

y) same as last segment above but the last condition of the "lead submission" is without timeframe. this will fetch all the rest of the successful subscribers. give them a high value for success days (eg. 60)

z) all visitors with "lead submission"

after having the segments you just need a calculated metric which counts the number of visitors for each segment (2-y) multiplied by according days and divide everything through visitors of segment z) (=all successful visitors).

this should give you sort of indicater for the average time ... if someone tries this, i would be happy to hear any results and if it works as described



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Answers (3)




We would like to know the average number of days it takes before a visitor submits a lead on our site. A lead is someone submitting their name and email address on our site. So how many days after first visit does it take, on average, for a visitor to submit their name and email address (lead submission).

The goal would be to view this metric over time and see if our efforts are decreasing the amount of time it takes for us to encourage a user to submit their information to us.

I'd like to be able to use this in Adobe Workspace which is where I do most of my other analysis.     




So what you want to see is how many days did the user take to purchase on a site. Is that right?

I don't think this is possible in Analytics. However, I know this can be easily done Data Workbench.

If I have misunderstood this, can you elaborate?