Custom events inflating page visits?



So we have some custom events on a page to show how many times expandable content is being used by our users (to see if people are actually reading this stuff!) but I think it's inflating page visits to the page as a whole?

It seems, using the Chrome debugger, that the page fires and records in analytics upon initial page load, but when you trigger the expandable content (therefore triggering one of the custom events) this calls the analytics script again - so does this count as another page visit? Or will it only record against the custom event and not another visit?

HELP! (Thanks in advance)

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi clairea39507456,

The logic is if its the same visitor ID , then a new visit won't start unless the user goes inactive for more than 30 mins. There are other criterias for starting a new visit listed here: Visit

On your web site, when you expand the content -> it calls analytics script -> fires analytics server call. If the visitor ID is same , then it should be the same visit.

Here are few ways for you to check:

1. Check the visitor ID in your server calls before & after you expand the content. See if its same.

2. You can also pull clickstream data feed for a day. Refer to below columns to check when event was passed, did visitor changed/visit changed.

- "post_visid_high", "post_visid_low"  // it represents visitor ID

  - "visit_num"    // which visit it is

  - "visit_page_num" // which page of the visit

  - "event_list", "post_event_list"  // which events were passed in the hit.

Hope this helps.